Saturday, 6th June 2020

ArcIMS is the solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. It provides a highly scalable framework for GIS Web publishing that meets the needs of corporate Intranets and demands of worldwide Internet access. Using ArcIMS, city and local governments, businesses, and other organizations worldwide publish, discover, and share geospatial information. ArcIMS services can be used by a wide range of clients including custom Web applications, the ArcGIS Desktop, and mobile and wireless devices.
With ArcIMS you can
  • Deliver dynamic maps and data via the Web.
  • Create easy-to-use, task-focused applications that use geographic content.
  • Develop custom applications using industry-standard Web development environments.
  • Share data with others to accomplish tasks.
  • Implement GIS portals.

ArcIMS Route Server Extension

ArcIMS Route Server offers the ability to incorporate point-to-point driving directions and fast, accurate routing into Web sites built with ArcIMS. It calculates optimal routes based on time and distance and accommodates multiple stops along a route. ArcIMS Route Server's features include the ability to perform rapid cross-country routing, set routing preferences (highway preferences, shortest route, or fastest route), and use precision settings to fine-tune results.

RouteMap IMS

RouteMAP IMS is an affordable out-of-the-box solution for adding customized mapping and routing capabilities to Web sites. With RouteMAP IMS, Web visitors are able to quickly find locations and calculate routes with driving directions to business and office locations. Deploying RouteMAP IMS is easy with no programming required to create custom maps with symbols that represent a business or public sector service center.

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