Tuesday, 14th July 2020
ArcLogistics Route is a stand-alone end user application designed to solve vehicle routing and scheduling problems, enabling users to create and manage sets of routes for their fleets of vehicles.
Logistics professionals use ArcLogistics Route to geocode stops; optimize routes and schedules; and output maps, directions, and reports. ArcLogistics Route assigns customers to vehicles and determines the optimal stop sequences to minimize costs and honor time windows. Routes are built based on actual network drive times (not straight-line distances), several vehicle characteristics, and characteristics of customer orders.


ArcWeb Services
ArcWeb Services are ESRI's hosted GIS Web services. They offer a way to access GIS content and capabilities over the Web, on demand when needed. Because data storage, maintenance, and updates are handled by ESRI, ArcWeb Services eliminate the overhead of purchasing and maintaining large data sets.
When you subscribe to ArcWeb Services, you can access dynamic, up-to-date content and capabilities directly using ArcGIS, or you can use ArcWeb Services to build unique Web-based applications. ESRI also offers ArcWeb Services solutions that focus on particular business needs.
ArcWeb Services offer you
Access to terabytes of rich data including street maps, live weather maps, digital orthophoto quarter quadrangles (DOQQs), topographic maps, live traffic information, census data, shaded relief imagery, flood data, and much more :
  • Reduction in the overhead that comes with purchasing and maintaining large data sets
  • Significant savings of development time
  • 24/7 availability of data and services
  • Adherence to industry standards such as SOAP/XML and WSDL.
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