Tuesday, 14th July 2020

Transform your fleet Performance:

Service organizations that have multi-vehicle fleets require real-time information about their vehicle use. Where is the vehicle? What is the fuel use or MPG for a particular vehicle? Is it running efficiently? Does it require maintenance or have a fault? Without information about fleet and vehicle performance, it is impossible to understand how to best use your vehicles out in the field and see where potential savings can be made. Trimble fleet management enables managers and supervisors to make intelligent decisions using real-time field status information. Using fleet management, companies can improve fleet productivity using vehicle tracking and trip management tools, reduce costs by lowering fuel use and improve vehicle use.


  • Increase fleet productivity using real-time location intelligence.
  • Decrease fuel costs by reducing unauthorized vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding and lowering idling.
  • Reduce vehicle component wear and tear and lower the risk of mechanical failure.
  • Reduce carbon emission-causing activity such as speeding, excessive idling and route deviation.

Improve Fleet Productivity and Reduce Costs:

Trimble Fleet Management helps fleet managers make intelligent decisions using real-time fleet status information. Companies that use Trimble solutions can improve fleet productivity with vehicle tracking and trip management tools, and reduce costs by lowering fuel use and improving vehicle efficiency. Fleet Management offers current location, diagnostics and exception alerts to help manage overall performance for fleets of any size in a number of industries. Read how Fleet Management helped AFR Rentals to increase productivity and enhance customer service.

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Below hear what Joyce Tam, Trimble's Director of Product Marketing, says about Fleet Management. 


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