Tuesday, 14th July 2020

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Traffic Safety and Laser Technology:

From speed enforcement to crash scene investigations, LTI's laser-based equipment has been used for years by law enforcement agencies around the world. LTI lasers are also used for tailgating enforcement, photo/video-based speed enforcement, statistical data collection and general measurements for SWAT and HAZMAT.

Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging, is truly an LTI specialty. LTI revolutionized speed enforcement with the introduction of the very first laser speed device called the LTI 20/20 Marksman. This was a major breakthrough for the law enforcement community because they were now able to pinpoint a particular vehicle in dense traffic and had equipment that was unaffected by radar detectors.

Speeding has always been the leading cause of accidents and deaths on our highways, which makes us proud to have developed technology that may deter habitual violators from speeding. Simply put, our technology ultimately helps save lives.


  • Speed Enforcement / Measurement
  • Crash Scene Investigation
  • Tailgating Enforcement
  • Speed Assessments / Spot Surveys


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